Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tahoe weekend


What do you get when you have 6 people, 5 dogs, 1 house, and lots of snow in Tahoe? A great (albeit a little crazy) time! We rented a house in South Lake Tahoe for the weekend. Captain was a little unsure about the new surroundings at first, but once he ran all over the house and in the snow with his friends, he was one happy Vizsla.

The crew: Captain, Ziggy the Vizsla, Ranger the lab/Dobie mix, and 2 poodles: Winne and Bear.
The place: South Lake Tahoe
The plan: Lots of doggie fun!


Captain in front of the house



Winnie in the snow

A very snowy Bear

My husband and I and one of our friends went skiing at Heavenly on Saturday, while our other 3 friends stayed at home entertaining (or being entertained by) the doggie crew.

The slopes at Heavenly

Ziggy checks out the snow

Snowy Playtime at Dog Park
Ziggy and Captain playing

Chilling Saturday evening:

Before we headed out of town on Sunday I couldn't help making us stop by the lake for some photos. It was just gorgeous. We can't wait to plan a summer weekend for some hiking and lake fun.

We also stopped at Bijou Park, a nice big open, fenced in, dog park in South Lake Tahoe. It was a good way to wear out the dogs before a long car ride- the only down side to traveling to Tahoe- lots of traffic!



In the car we couldn't seem to keep the Vizslas in the back- at one point both of them were on my friend's lap in the passenger FRONT seat of the car, and at another point Captain, Ziggy, AND Ranger were in the back seat with me and my friend! As you may know there's not much that can stand in the way of a Vizsla that wants to cuddle. Needless to say both the trip there and the trip home were interesting rides :-)

We love Tahoe!

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