Monday, February 8, 2010

Muddy fun

Captain had a great day at Point Isabelle on Saturday with a bunch of his neighborhood pals. We got a little wet from a brief drizzle, and a lot muddy!Ziggy tears it up on the field:

A cute puppy named Walter:A very dirty little Keoni:

We ran into 3 other Vizslas so of course had to snap some pics of them too- that is, when they weren't moving too fast for us!Ziggy & Captain sit for a treat while our new friend Bruno thinks the camera is one!

Ziggy and his 'brother' Ranger waiting outside Muddy Puppy's.A bath afterwords at Mud Puppy's made everyone clean and fresh (and ready to get dirty again the next day).Captain was a good sport about the bath and was happy to be treated with a new toy.

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