Sunday, March 14, 2010

Fun with friends... and the cupcake bandit

We had some friends over this weekend so I decided to make some of my yummy cupcakes- chocolate white mountain and banana butterscotch. Unfortunately, I left a tray of the banana butterscotch cupcakes on the table and then stepped out for about 5 minutes to go to our neighbor's... I came back to find Captain in the middle of scarfing down the cupcakes! He ate almost a dozen of them!!! Luckily the chocolate cupcakes I'd made were in the fridge, and Captain had no adverse side effects from all that sugar (other than looking very very guilty).

Aside from stealing cupcakes, Captain has been busy spending time with his pal Keoni... here are some pics of them having fun playing:

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  1. I love to steal cupcakes, too! See: