Monday, March 22, 2010

Wildcat Canyon

We had a good group of dogs for hiking this Saturday, and decided to try out Wildcat Canyon Regional Park in the East Bay not too far from Berkeley. Wildcat is a great place for hiking with dogs, with its wide open spaces for running and plenty of trails through the hilly terrain. The dogs were happy to run off leash, explore the woody areas and fields around the trails, and play with each other. The trails weren't crowded at all but we did run into a number of other happily hiking hounds.

The SOMA dogs crew: Trax, Ranger, Ziggy and Captain sit for some turkey!

More treat time:
Vizsla silliness: Ziggy tries to get as dirty as possible.Coming through!Trax and his fabulous tongue:
All dogs ahead! The boys charged up the hill...
...while the humans took a little bit longer...
We had a nice view once we made it to the top!
Trax and Captain pose:
I like this B&W my friend took:We had such a good time we're planning another hike next Saturday!

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