Sunday, March 28, 2010

Point Pinole buddy day

One of my favorite parks in the area is Point Pinole. This East Bay regional shoreline is absolutely beautiful and has a little bit of everything- water views, city views, a number of different trails with shaded woody areas, wide open fields, and beach areas that are great for some doggie swimming. There are even picnic tables and grill spots in some parts of the park. We love Pinole because Captain can get great exercise here and play with other dogs, but it's not just a dog park- it's also a great spot for people too. And it's pretty close to San Francisco which makes it easy for us to get to.

This Saturday we went to Pinole with my friend and her dog Trax, and it was another great day. We had truly perfect weather.

Posing for a picture with a view:
Beach buddies:
I caught the tail end of Captain swimming:

Trax finds a great stick:
And there was some crazy running in the fields of course:

The boys were soooooo tired on the way home! Success :-)


  1. I really enjoy Point Pinole. I have just learned to run the dogs off-leash while riding mountain bike. In an hour of basically flat trials the dogs get a great work out. I want to do some 8am bike rides on Sundays before the Vizsla walks.

  2. I was researching East Bay locations for a dog photoshoot and found this post. I can't believe I've never been to Pt Pinole! We're definitely going to change that. ASAP.

    PS: Captain is adorable.