Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Regan Beach 1: Vizsla studmuffin

Remember how I kept saying I'd post Tahoe pics soon? Well, the wait is over...

We went to South Lake Tahoe for Labor Day, and our friend took over 500 pictures. From that, he whittled it down to 295, which he just sent to us, and I downloaded a select 55 (yes, mainly those of Captain). But even that is too many for one blog post, so I'm splitting them into a number of posts. First up: Regan Beach, one of Tahoe's dog-friendly beaches that is just in a killer setting. It's nice and shallow which makes for good Vizsla water play.

VizslaOk, these pics make me think that Captain is, like that line from Zoolander, "really really really ridiculously good looking" :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SKrGSW_zqU (line is right at beginning of clip, which is too long but the first thing I found on you tube).

Captain wasn't sure about those floating things in the water. He had to run over to them and check them out. And then he decided he needed to bark at the buoys. Then Daddy showed him they weren't really such bad things...Vizsla
And what's beach time without some digging?Vizsla
Even studmuffins need their moms...

I love this profile picture. VizslaThanks to Jason for pictures of my beauty! More to come...

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