Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Butterscotch, Boxes, & Berkeley

Captain at Cesar Chavez Park

This past Thursday was our last "Yappy Hour Thursday" in our SF neighborhood park. I made butterscotch rice krispie treats in honor of the occasion. Despite usually being very good about not counter-surfing, Captain is a bit of a butterscotch bandit (he has been known to steal these treats right from the table, and one time ate an entire tray of banana butterscotch cupcakes), so I kept a careful watch on the treats. And didn't drop any, much to his dismay.

Those look tasty, mom! Can't I have just one??

What if I lay down? Now can I?

After the park, a few days of packing began. Captain wasn't sure what was going on. The day of moving was rough (I hate moving!!), but luckily Captain got to spend it with his best bud Trax. After a few days of unpacking waaaaay too many boxes, we are now settled into our Berkeley apartment. Captain's new favorite thing? Squirrels! He also is pretty happy to have Cesar Chavez park practically in our backyard (we ran there this morning!)

Next on Captain's to do list? Make some friends in Berkeley! And figure out why Mommy keeps moving boxes and furniture around...


  1. Try butterscotch oatmeal cookies- they are a holiday tradition around our house....mmm! now I want some :)

    Congrats on the move & good luck with the new place!

  2. Hi!

    Looks like Captain is looking for some Berkeley buddies. We go to the Ohlone dog park and Pt. Isabel for most of his exercise. We haven't made it to Cesar Chavez yet, but have heard great things! Maybe we'll see you around some time!

    Here is Alfie's blog. He is almost 5 months old now and loves to play.