Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Echo Lake Hiking

Here's the last of the Tahoe pictures! Sunday of Labor Day weekend we went hiking at Echo Lake, a beautiful lake and trail region near South Lake Tahoe. It was absolutely gorgeous- and a great way to exercise the dogs!

Come on guys!!

I LOVE this one of Trax, in his "kitten mittens" - aka Ruff Wear hiking shoes:

We started to think maybe we needed some of those booties for Captain- the terrain was pretty rocky for part of the hike... next time maybe Captain will have shoes too!

Not a bad place for a swim:

Typical- Captain waits for the Labradors to do their retrieving...

... and then makes his move!

Some of the beautiful scenery along the way:

Great hiking and a great end to our Labor Day weekend 2010!


  1. More beautiful pictures- what a gorgeous place!

  2. Great Country and looks like beautiful weather too! If you do put Captain in "Kitty Mittens" can you let us all know how that goes?