Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Captain of Christmas Past

Time to get in the holiday spirit! Captain does this by staring at me as I bake cookies and pumpkin bread, playing squeaky ball in the house (don't tell!), cuddling on the couch with some warm blankets & whatever human is around while watching Scrooged and the Muppet Christmas Carol, and checking out some photos of Christmases past!

And what's that? The ghost of Captain past?!
Nope! That's Captain at about 5 months, Christmas 2008 -we'd gone to the park after it had rained, so we ended up very dirty! Because instead of snow in San Francisco during the winter, we get rain. Luckily, Captain hadn't heard yet that Vizslas melt in the rain ;-)

And here's one more photo of Captain past... in his old favorite spot, in front of the heater:

You will be visited by TWO MORE ghosts of Captain Christmas! ;-)
(OK, clearly, I've mentally checked out for the week and am already dreaming of the holiday break...)

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