Monday, August 27, 2012

Captain's SF Tours

One of the things I love about living where we do is having people visit and getting an excuse to play tour guide. There's nothing I enjoy more than getting outside and enjoying all that the great outdoors has to offer- and Captain agrees. So when my brother and niece came to visit, we were ready to go!

Captain LOVED my niece. I think he's trying to tell me something... or maybe my niece is just awesome and a great dog lover too ;-)

We did a few things without Captain- a boat tour under the bridge- always fun (when it's not too cold!)

And Muir Woods (Captain and Daddy went to Muir Overlook and the beach!)

But Captain led the way for some of our favorite "take the out of town guests to" spots:
Corona Heights Park, for always awesome (albeit sometimes fog-enshrouded) views of the city (first 2 pictures of the post)
The overlook of the GG Bridge just on the Marin side:

And we also saw the bison in Golden Gate park for the first time! Captain was NOT sure what to think about these guys:

You can read more about other places we've taken our visitors in this post as well as this one. But for sights to show of to out-of-town guests that provide dog-friendly fun in SF that isn't just fun for the dog, check out:
  • Corona Heights Park and the Marin overlook of the GG bridge (mentioned above)
  • Chrissy Field
  • The Embarcadero, Fisherman's Wharf and Aquatic Park (yes, totally touristy- but it never really gets old watching sea lions try and push each other off of docks and bark at one another on a nice sunny day), and sometimes the path up from Aquatic Park to Fort Mason (for more bay views!)
  • The Palace of Fine Arts
  • Golden Gate Park
  • Rodeo Beach (in Marin, just past the bridge)
  • The Ferry Building (dogs outside only, but on a nice day it's a good place to sit outside with some culinary delights from inside)
  • The Cliff House
  • The Presidio
  • Alamo Square (for those Painted Ladies... which my niece is too young to even know what show they are from)
Of course we have tons of other favorite spots in SF and the Bay Area, but that's a sampling of some go-to spots on Captain's tours ;-) Sometimes we also include Fort Funston for the dog-lovers, and Buena Vista park, hill hiking, and the Haight for the the adventurous ;-)

Maybe we should start a tour guide company? Who's in? Captain's Bay Area Tours? Has a nice ring to it, right? I think I'd need someone else to chauffeur the wine-country portion though ;-)

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