Monday, August 20, 2012

Sibley Volcanic Preserve

Hot day in Sibley!
Since moving, we've done a little bit of exploring. I've been wanting to go to Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve for a while, since it's a mere 6 miles from our new pad, and boasts a nice high peak for views, trails, and scenic roads. So Captain and I snuck off one afternoon for a quick drive & run!

Sibley is the neighboring park to Berkeley's Tilden, and the views are similarly gorgeous. And yep, it is/was a volcano. There's actually some really interesting info on Sibley in this Bay Area Hiker write-up. Apparently Sibley was one of the first three parks established in the East Bay. I have to say, it really is awesome to keep discovering more and more wonderful parks in this region. LOVE the EAST BAY!

We're looking forward to exploring Sibley more. Also high on our list of nearby-places to explore is Joaquin Miller Park. Stay tuned!

Mas Agua, Mamma!

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  1. Happy hiking Captain. Pop by and say hello sometime. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly.