Thursday, October 28, 2010

Playing tour guide

A few weeks ago we had some out-of-town friends come visit, so we showed them all around SF and the Bay area. It always bothers me a little bit that State Parks aren't dog-friendly, but I understand that not everyone is a responsible dog owner, so I guess I get it! In any case, Captain and I waited patiently outside the entrance to Muir Woods, which wasn't soooo bad b/c we got so much attention. ("What kind of dog is that?" "Oh he's soooo cute!" "Can I pet him?") To which Captain was quite pleased to wiggle, roll over, and accept all the butt-scratching he could get.

We stopped in many of the usual SF tourist spots (Painted Ladies, Golden Gate Bridge, Cliff House, Haight-Ashbury), but this is one of my favorites:

The Palace of Fine Arts in the Marina area of SF. It's a perfect backdrop for a picnic. And Captain likes to stare at the view too :-) (well, actually, he mostly likes to stare at the birds in the pond. But it makes for a good picture).

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