Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tilden Trails

I approve of the views here, Mom.

Captain and I love a good hike! Yesterday we explored more of Tilden - a great regional park in the Berkeley Hills with tons of trails. We went with some of our friends and their 9 month old lab, Max for a good 4 hours of hiking.

The last time we went to Tilden park, it was completely foggy and we couldn't enjoy any of the views. This time we were rewarded! I love the way the clouds looked, like a sheet leading right above the GG bridge in the distance.

Captain loves to be in pictures.

You were going to take a picture without me, Mom??

And like a good lab, Max enjoyed running through the mud.

They were both pretty excited to chase a field mouse they found in the bushes around. The poor little thing was reeeaaaallly slow, so I was happy Captain was content to just sniff and chase it.

Good views all around:Seemingly endless trails in Tilden! Can't wait to try out more of them, maybe on a long run one day. Next weekend we may stop in at the Golden Gate Kennel Club dog show, and might try out another East Bay park- Sibley... so many good things to do when you're a Vizsla :-)

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