Sunday, November 25, 2012

Captain's Thanksgiving Holiday 2012

Our recap of Thanksgiving 2012! Captain has been one spoiled little boy these past few days... an aunt and uncle and grandmommy around to give him plenty of extra cuddles, a mommy who thinks he should get all the turkey leftovers he wants, and plenty of good running weather to work out all that Vizsla energy. Plus, did we mention turkey leftovers? ;-)

We had great weather on Thanksgiving for the turkey trot at Point Pinole - Captain's second race, and he won doggie first place. Maybe he could have won overall first place if he didn't have a human attached to him! There was a great post-race spread, and Captain was treated to some peanut butter, plus whatever he could find dropped on the ground that we were too slow to catch him getting ;-) Then, even though we'd just run, there were a couple of crazy puppy runs between mommy and daddy. I had to laugh a little when a woman walking by asked us how we'd trained him to do that. No training involved, of course! Just pure Vizsla :)

Ok, "Crazy Running" might just run in the family...
By the way, for any runners in the Bay Area, I highly recommend Brazen Racing- they always put on great races, pick great spots that are often dog friendly, and have great post-race spreads. Friendly, fun running series! They also put on the hilly race that was Captain's first official race.

After the race, it was back home to cook all day. Well, I cooked all day, Captain stared at me. He was *quite* interested in the bird Daddy was cooking. There was a lot of this as we were eating:


The next day, we enjoyed a family hike at Sibley

Sibley is becoming my new favorite nearby spot-  trails that wind through both open fields and woody spots, hills, good views, and plenty of room to run around. 

Yesterday, we also enjoyed a sunny walk around the waterfront area of Jack London Square

And we met another Vizsla who Captain was very happy to wiggle around with ;-) 

Captain loved having our house filled with family... and more food! I think he just might be a little bored as he readjusts to normal life the next few days...

For those of you in the US, hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving holidays as well! 

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  1. Glad to hear you received lots of turkey as it sounds like you worked up quite the appetite with a race and a hike!