Wednesday, November 28, 2012

V-Thing Reader Pics!

As promised, we're posting awesome pictures submitted as part of the recent giveaway. Thanks to everyone who submitted these photos and for sharing your Vizsla love! Above: my personal favorites- I adore these photos!!; below: even more great pictures!

This little guy, Rocky, made me (and I'm sure everyone else who saw him) laugh out loud. He also received the second most 'likes' on our Facebook page.
Captain does this sometimes too, and it always cracks me up- how in the world can this be comfortable??! ;-)

So who took the cake for the most likes? This adorable little one, Harmony!

So cute!!!

And then there were also so many other great pictures...

Jumping, running, playing... and cudding, napping, and looking sweet...

Again, big thanks to everyone for submitting their photos, and for stopping by the blog! We loved looking through these pictures, and reading the comments. It really means so much to get comments below, and all of the ones from the giveaway post made me smile! I wish I had leashes to give away to everyone- particularly those of you who commented how useful it would be so you wouldn't get dragged around by your Vizsla anymore ;-)


  1. Oooooow cuties!!! I love these pictures!! :)


  2. Just stumbled across your Blog!! Love it!! My husband and I just got a Vizsla puppy on Sunday. I can't wait to read all about your adventures with Captain and hopefully get some tips on raising our new Vizsla, Thurman.

    1. Thurman! What a cute name :) Post a pic on our FB page if you can, would love to see him! Enjoy the puppy days and get lots of pictures!! And yes, we're here if you have questions!

  3. Thanks so much!! Just posted a picture of our little man!

    The Bogans