Monday, April 27, 2009

Death of the funky chicken

Let me just begin by saying it was NOT my idea to purchase this toy. But, my husband seemed to think it was a good idea. That is, until he was taking a nap over the weekend and woke up to THIS unique noise going off for 10 minutes straight:

I really couldn't stop laughing. If I hadn't been laughing, I would have been strangling that awful chicken to make the noise stop. Luckily, as I predicted, Captain took care of killing the chicken for me, making short work of the toy.... first it was the toes that went, one by one:
And then the feet:And finally it was a headless bird:We gave it the old trashcan funeral when he pulled the squeaker out and there was nothing left but a purple bikini.

Phew, all that chewing can really be hard work. Time to stretch.

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