Friday, April 3, 2009

Losing his...

Well, he finally lost 'em. That's right, after delays due to kennel cough and then pneumonia, Captain was finally ready for his neutering appointment yesterday. We took him in to the San Francisco SPCA, which has an awesome new building including a Spay & Neuter Clinic. The people there were great and he was well taken care of. I also really appreciate their sliding pay scale, which definitely helps in today's economy. Anyway, Captain came home a little dazed and confused, but is recovering well. We did have to fight back laughing as he bumped into things with his protective cone on- he really doesn't like that thing and was none too happy when we put it back on before bed.

In lieu of pictures of that fun adventure, I'm posting a video of our neighborhood's newest Vizlsa pup..... I remember these days! We actually met this little girl a few weeks ago and Captain had a chance to play with her a bit. Here she is at a puppy social- looks just like Captain did!

Now I know why so many people said to cherish the puppy days- they grow so quick!

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