Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hot Hiking!

Sunday we made the trip over to the East Bay for a very, very, very hot day of hiking (90+ degrees!) in Sunol Regional Preserve. It's a great park, and good for the pooches, but man, was it a hot day! We made sure Captain stayed hydrated, and he munched on a cup of ice the whole way home. Despite the heat, it was a fun day, and a good place to go hiking too!

Captain had his first encounter with cows... and tried to do his best tough guy bark. Luckily the cows weren't buying it...

Moooo! We had fun hiking, but next time we'll check the weather first!


  1. In drizzly Vermont, it's hard to visualize a day too hot for the Vizsla but they will come. Hope you make it back here -- it's V heaven. Plenty of cows. It's amazing how much the V's look alike -- my Penny looks quite a lot like your Captain.

  2. I'm dying to get Captain to Vermont (and back myself!!) I'm hoping our jobs will eventually lead us back there... feels like home.
    Thanks for stopping by!