Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dogtoberfest & Halloween

He's actually my little angel, but I couldn't find a halo :-)

Yesterday at our neighborhood park it was "Dogtoberfest!" One doggie mom made a "bacon cake" to share with all the dogs, and it was pretty impressive...

At first Captain thought he should bark at it. Then, upon further inspection, he decided he really, really, really wanted it...

It was really hard to wait for the slices! We all lined up...

... and didn't even care that it was raining. Captain wolfed down his piece of cake pretty quickly:

He probably could have eaten most of the cake if left to his own devices. Luckily we got a slice to take home for later. FYI, the 'cake' was made out of rice (pre-cooked), ground turkey, and eggs, shaped into a bone and baked, and covered with "bacon frosting" - slices of bacon covering the top of the cake. What a treat!

Please more bacon cake mom!

Happy Halloween!


  1. The horns are too cute! What a fun party!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a cutie! So sorry we missed the party on Saturday. We really tried to make it but some errands took up the whole day. Looks like you have some great neighbors! Happy Halloween!

  3. Hey! I've got one of those! She usually keeps her horns hidden, but we know they're there! Very cute! Looks like a great, albeit damp time!