Sunday, October 24, 2010

Things we do when it's raining...

A rare event for California, it's rained BOTH days this weekend. We did manage to get outside for a run, but since it's so much harder to find other dogs to play with when it's rainy, we have to resort to playing ball inside the house... I must admit I've come a little close to breaking some things, so don't try this at home :-)

Add about 20 or 30 minutes of that, and you MIGHT just tire out your Vizsla a little bit.

Luckily Captain does like to nap a lot. Especially under the covers...

Hope you had better weather this weekend than we did! If not, at least it's an opportunity for lots of good Vizsla cuddling.


  1. Enjoy the rainy days- it will make all those beautiful flowers you see! We've got lots of indoor games at our house b/c it' so hot out most of the time....throwing the ball down the stairs will get Mia 30 seconds of exercise at a burst, times that by about 100 and she might rest for a little bit!

  2. I love it when we see blankets come to wagging life! You just KNOW there's a vizsla hiding under there! Too cute!