Sunday, October 17, 2010

Point Isabel and Berkeley updates

I've had a bunch of posts in the past from Point Isabel, another doggie wonderland in the SF Bay area. It's such a great spot because there are always tons of friendly dogs around to play with, it's a beautiful location, it's huge, fenced, and has a little bit of everything- some beach, some fields, some trails, and even a food stand and doggie store. And what's even better- we now live about 5-10 minutes away from it!

Captain's new thing, not surprisingly given his recently adopted obsession, is looking for squirrels in the rocks.

In addition to being close to Point Isabel in our new home, we frequently go to Aquatic Park and Cesar Chavez- two other great dog spots along the water that we can run to. We even ran into Captain's half brother at Aquatic Park- Guinness- they share a father (Tacoma of Red Dog Ranch), as well as meeting a new Vizsla friend at CC.

Recently I also finally tried out biking with Captain, and he did great! I had always been worried he'd pull me over, but he stayed right by my side. Good way to get around with him if I don't feel like running. I've decided though, it's a rare thing when both a Vizsla AND its owner aren't in the mood to exercise... :-)


  1. Great photo- my girls have been obsessed with squirrels lately too since there is one now in our backyard.

  2. Looks like a great place to hang out with the dogs! Vizsla's just have to hunt... something! :-)