Saturday, August 24, 2013

Captain's 5th Birthday

Captain and his birthday frosty paws
That's Captain with his birthday frosty paws- topped off with a dollop of cream cheese as "frosting."

Happy 5th Birthday, Captain!!
I can't believe Captain is already 5. Of course, we still often get asked, "Oh, is he a puppy?" Well.....Vizslas are always puppies ;-)

Read on for more about Captain's birthday this year...

We began the day with a run around Lake Merritt. Plenty of SQUIRRELS and birds to chase!

I felt pretty guilty that I had to leave my baby to commute up to Sacramento to teach a class on his birthday, but hopefully I made up for it later by taking him to Paws on Piedmont for some treats. He was so entranced by the treat table he didn't even recognize there were cages of kitties in the store for adoption...

Happy 5th birthday to my little love!
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Here's to many, many, many more wonderful years with my loving, energetic, loyal, incredibly sweet, ridiculously good looking, wiggle-butt/hunter/runner/cuddler extraordinaire.


  1. Aaaaaaah how sweet, happy birthday Captain!!!

  2. Hi There! I recently discovered your blog and I love it! My husband and I also have a Vizsla, Harvey, who is three years old. We absolutely love Harvey and have fallen in love with the Vizsla breed! I look forward to following your adventures with Captain!

    1. Welcome! Feel free to post a pic of Harvey on our Facebook page! LOVE meeting new Vs. Captain made us fall in love with the breed too!

  3. Happy Birthday Captain!! Must have been some good treats to override the kittie sniffing! :-)