Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doggie down time

Is this a yoga position?

Last week we took Captain to the vet since he was coughing, snotty, and shaking, and found out he has pneumonia. Poor thing-you'll notice his little shaved paw from where they put the IV in for his overnight stay.

Luckily he's much better after week on antibiotics. Those first few days of being sick, he was one tired pup and happy to just snuggle in his daddy's sleeping bag:

Now that he's feeling so much better and the pneumonia is clearing, his boundless energy is back, and he's none too happy with short walks and no puppy play for a few weeks! We can't wait until he's 100% cleared of it. Til then, he'll just have to settle for taking it easy and playing with mommy & daddy inside.

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