Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Climbers for affection

Since I work from home, Captain has become master distractor, demanding my attention by climbing into my lap. This is no easy feat for a 50lb pup (yes, he weighed in yesterday at a whopping 52 pounds for his 6.5 months- he's gonna be a big Vizsla...) and I don't think he's really figured out that both he and I don't fit so well in my desk chair. But I can't resist letting him climb up- it begins with that look, then a paw to the knee, then somehow he's hugging me with both his paws on my shoulders, and from there it's a scramble for the hind legs to squeeze up onto my lap.

As any Vizsla owner knows, these dogs do love to give affection! Here are some videos I found on YouTube:

At first this one amazed me, but after Captain's climbing, I wouldn't be too surprised to see him attempt it too:

Although admittedly Captain would probably knock me over so don't expect any recreations any time soon.

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