Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Vizslas in show

Dogs of all breeds competed in the Westminster Kennel Club's Dog Show yesterday, and here is a link to our favorite breed! While I'm partial to my own Vizsla (I happen to think he has an exceptionally good looking face and body), these ones were pretty impressive too :-)

Whenever I think of dog shows, I can't help but remember this scene from the hilarious movie "Best in Show"

***(Click here to link to the scene on YouTube - embedding has been disabled)***

Actually, while I'm at it, here's another great scene from the movie (although has nothing to do with Vizslas or even dogs...)

Leaving the lattes, back to dogs:
Breed tidbit: in case you were wondering, here is the link to the AKC's Dog Registration statistics. Vizslas are #42 out of 156 registered breeds in this country. Not too shabby, but clearly everyone hasn't caught the bug. But I like it better that way!

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