Thursday, February 12, 2009

One dirty dog...

I took Captain to the dog park on Berry Street one day this past December, not thinking about the fact that it had rained that morning. He met a friend and had a great time romping and rolling all around...and this is what I got:

Suddenly my Vizsla pup looked more like a Weimaraner! The entire bath turned dark gray when I put him in the water. Luckily Vizslas are easy to clean.

Since Captain has had all his shots, he's been loving dog parks and walking all over the city with us. Looking back, I have to say the weeks leading up to Captain's final immunization shots were painful... he so wanted to play, and had boundless energy. I remember looking at our vet when she said not to take him outside for 6 weeks, like, are you frickin crazy? I want to protect my puppy and all, but this is a Vizsla we're talking about lady- high energy! Living in an apartment, we don't exactly have ample backyard space. Our only option is to go outside. So those pre-done-with-shots weeks we just kept him off the grass, away from other dogs and parks, and wiped his feet off once we got back inside. He was fine.
Actually, a comment on apartment-living and dog owning: there are a number of breeds "not recommended for apartment life" - the Vizsla among them. I am lucky to be working from home these days, so getting out frequently is not a problem for my pup. But I also think that when you're an active person, the size of your place doesn't matter as much. Captain gets a ton of exercise, despite the fact that his mommy and daddy live in an apartment. For anyone thinking about getting a dog, I'd weigh activity level more heavily than square footage.

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