Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Captain's Weekend Getaway to Tahoe: Part 1

Obviously the king (or Captain) of the mountain
I've been wanting to take Captain on a weekend getaway for a while. We finally made it happen this past weekend- a trip to South Lake Tahoe, complete with:

-chasing chipmunks and stalking geese
-playing in (a little) snow
-lake time
-cuddling by the fire
-more hiking
-getting new treats & gear

Captain was clearly ecstatic, which made me incredibly happy. And it also made me try and snap a lot of photos of him - and the beautiful scenery that is Tahoe.

In this post: Part 1: Emerald Bay
Up next: Lake-side fun
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Tahoe Rim Trail Hiking
Treats & Gear!

Read on for more on (the first part) of our trip!

 Ever since our friends took a hike around Emerald Bay and showed us pics, I've been wanting to go. I've also been wanting to take Captain on a special "all about him" trip, given that I'm preggo and pretty soon Captain won't be my only baby ;-) I felt like he needed one last hurrah before the new little one arrives.

First things first: cuddling by the fire as soon as we got in.

(We rented a condo in Tahoe Keys- some units are dog-friendly- if you are looking for Tahoe dog-friendly rentals, there are a bunch all around the lake, but most are not very updated and not as nice as the non-dog friendly ones, so I suggest taking a careful look at the pictures!)

Saturday AM, it was out right away to check out the marina and the birds around it

Ok, let's get out there, Mom!
What's this? Oh yeah, SNOW!
And geese!

But, more importantly, off to hiking around Emerald Bay...

Gorgeous views. And Captain was a little billy goat, climbing around rocks, looking for chipmunks. Speaking of which...

Can you spot the chipmunk? Captain can!

Of course, there was some crazy puppy running around in the snow...

And did I mention views? ;-)

Beautiful day- enjoyed by Vizsla and Vizsla parents alike ;-) Speaking of parents, in case you were wondering what the (36 week) bump looks like....

... it looks extra large is what it looks like! Still able to (huff and puff) and hike around though ;-)

If you are looking for more info on hiking trails around Tahoe (or anywhere)- check out this cool website I just found, Scout. I love how it shows pictures of the trails.

Stay tuned for more of Captain's Tahoe weekend, coming up!


  1. Beautiful scenery. Beautiful Captain. Beautiful pictures!

    1. thanks! we loved it- great part of the country.

  2. Great pictures! I enjoy seeing Captain! He's such a handsome man! When we lived in WA state, our Peaty (a Vizsla) loved the snow!!! He was but a wee pup when we lived there. Now he's 3 years old. Congratulations on your soon to be new arrival. Children are such a blessing and gift from the Lord!