Monday, November 25, 2013

Cesar Squirrels and Sailboats

Cesar Chavez Park is still one of my favorite East Bay Parks- I love it for its views of sailboats, the water, and the hills beyond, and for the running trails; Captain loves it for its squirrels (technically, ground squirrels). They often hide out in the rocks...

...and also, of course, in the ground...

Never gets old ;-)

And yes, I'm auto-posting some pics from a few months ago in case that baby makes an appearance soon. Not sure Captain is ready for his sibling, but he's gonna get one! 39 weeks, so counting down the days....

Happy almost Thanksgiving!


  1. Hi

    All the best for the arrival of your little one. I found your blog yesterday and lost a couple of hours reading it! We live in Brisbane, Australia and are picking up our little vizsla puppy in a little under 2 weeks - can't wait.


    1. Oh thanks! It's always good to hear people actually read what I write ;-) And so exciting about your puppy- post a pic on our FB page or Vizsla Spotting if you like!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for the upcoming arrival! Corrine