Thursday, November 21, 2013

On Top of the World

...Or just on top of Berkeley! This is one of my favorite "view" spots in the Bay Area. Up in Tilden,  it's just a gorgeous overlook. We took my parents here when they were visiting a month ago, and Captain was happy to show them around!

I actually used to run up to (and past) this overlook when I was marathon training, and the first time I made it up to this spot- after miles of steep uphill climb- I was kind of awestruck. I mistakenly thought it was called inspiration point- which is actually just a little further down the road- and because it did inspire me so much (to keep running and to love taking it all in!) - I still call it Inspiration Point now. Can't wait to get back to long runs post-baby.  I bet Captain can't wait either!

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