Friday, November 15, 2013

Captain's Weekend: Treats and Gear, and the EzyDog Backpack

Ending up our Tahoe weekend posts with some treats and new gear!

We were lucky enough to be contacted by EzyDog, who generously offered a new Summit backpack for us to try out. Our Tahoe weekend was a great chance to give it a go on the trail! We also took a trip to our favorite pet store in South Lake...

Here are some cool features of the Summit Backpack:
  • Good sized pouches on each side, with zippers for expanding 
  • The pouches have waterproof lining on the inside
  • Easily adjustable straps
  • A padded under strap so the pack won't rub on your dog
  • A handle on top in case you need to grab hold!
  • Lightweight, durable material 
A big thanks to EzyDog for sending us this pack! They also have a bunch of other products that look good on their site.
The EzyDog Summit backpack: easy to use!
Captain didn't even seem to notice he had anything on. He was happy to run off up and down the trail, leading the way for us!

A few more Summit pack notes: I didn't put much in the pouches- just a bag of treats and some extra poop bags. Because of that, it leaned to one side and moved around a little bit-  so it's important to equally distribute the weight between the two sides. We didn't spend much time adjusting the straps either, which also made it move around a little. I didn't leave the backpack on during our whole hike, because we didn't really need him to carry things. It wasn't a long hike, but it was good to test the pack out! In general, I don't really want Captain to have to carry around his stuff, since on short day hikes I'm usually fine carrying a water bottle and some food for him. But it's nice to have the option of a backpack, particularly if you are loading up your own pack and don't have space to carry your dog's necessities. It also makes for easier access to things, so you don't have to take off your own backpack to get at things you need for your dog.

In addition to trying out the new backpack we were sent, we also took Captain to our favorite South Lake Tahoe pet store, Dog Dog Cat. We figured we had to get Captain something new, since this weekend getaway was all about him! Time to spoil the pup ;-)

Let's go, Mom! Treats and toys, oh my!
My husband has been wanting to get Captain a sweater or cover-up of some sort for a while, since he tends to get cold. This RuffWear fleece seemed like a good fit:

Testing out the fleece inside
It's a great fleece- easy on/off side zipper, nice and soft, and no-rub sides. We got Captain a size medium. I think it is this "climate changer" fleece on the RuffWear site. Captain's new fleece came in handy when we ate lunch outside, since it was a little chilly. But, we didn't use it when we were hiking, since it wasn't too cold, and he was running around so much! It will be a great cover-up to use on walks on cold days, though, or when we come back up to Tahoe or other snowy spots!

This fleece is keeping me warm!
And check out these amazing treats the store had:

I also just *might* have given Captain some extra cream cheese from my bagel....
Oh Mom I love cream cheese!!
... What can I say, I just love seeing my dog happy.

And that's the end of the posts from Captain's Tahoe weekend! I was so happy we were able to get away, to spend one last weekend, just the three of us, doing everything Captain likes to do... before things change! This Tahoe trip was all about Captain. Just the way he (and any Vizsla) thinks it should be! ;-)

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