Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Captain's Weekend Part III: Tahoe Rim Trail

On the second day of our Tahoe trip, I wanted to make sure we got in some hiking. Captain was of course eager to hit the trails. So much to sniff, stalk, and hunt!

We took off on part of the Tahoe Rim Trail- a great trail with some awesome views of the lake and just overall peaceful, beautiful forest to walk through. Unfortunately I didn't snap many pictures- too much time spent enjoying watching Captain run around, happy and excited ;-) But here's a few shots from a great little hike!

Explorer is my middle name. Well, that or "exceptionally good-looking" ;)
(And no, I didn't shrink I'm just kneeling!)

More peek-through views
Absolutely loved this hike. We only did about 2 hours, but there's nothing like getting out and taking in nature (especially with a Vizsla companion!) Fresh, crisp, fall mountain air. Sun. Just a hint of snow around in some spots. Happy active dog. And again, we pretty much had the trail to ourselves- I've decided mid-Fall is a great time to go to Tahoe, since it's not overcrowded (as it typically is in summer and winter).

Next (and last) up in Captain's Tahoe Weekend posts: new gear and treats!

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