Friday, November 8, 2013

Captain's Weekend Part II: Trails and Beaches

The tales of Captain's Tahoe Weekend continue! Here's part II: more trails, and some lake-side beaches!

Before we headed up to Emerald Bay, we stopped in El Dorado Beach area/ the Commons. It has a nice amphitheater-like seating area, but of course Captain wasn't interested in that... it was straight to the sand!

 Next, it was up to the rocks to check out critters.

Later in the day, we stopped in a trail near Emerald Bay and Kiva Beach. I'm not sure the trail name or the beach landing area we found, but we had the whole area to ourselves- it was like Captain's personal wilderness space. It was awesome to watch Captain running around in excitement, hunting whatever he could, sniffing everywhere, darting back and forth between us and further ahead on the trail. He was in his element, and it's a beautiful thing to see ;-)

When we got to the beach area, Captain actually- much to my surprise- headed into the water. Just for wading- he's not much of a swimmer. But, it must have been pretty cold because he didn't stay in there too long.

There was plenty of sniffing around on the beach too!

Back at the condo, we had one happy, tired Vizsla. I definitely spotted his paws running in his sleep too, and that cute whimpering he does when he must be dreaming about hunting down squirrels, birds, or chipmunks....
(In case you were wondering, the portable crate pictured above is described in our gear post).

For more info on South Lake Tahoe beaches, check out this site.

Up next - Captain's Weekend continues- with the Tahoe Rim Trail!

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