Sunday, June 14, 2009

Point Isabel

Sunday we headed back to Point Isabel. Located in the East Bay not too far from Berkeley, Point Isabel is another doggie gem of the bay area. With wide open fields (fenced-in for that extra insurance), beach area, and even a doggie bath house and store, it's a great place to spend an afternoon and make sure our active dog gets his share of exercise. And the best part: it's always filled with so many wonderful dogs!Captain worked on his retrieving skills:

Captain is getting more comfortable in the water, although still not quite swimming. Here's his funny 'hopping over the water' technique in action:

Of course, BFF Taz was there to share in the fun.

Taz loves to climb on the rocks like a little billy goat, and Captain always follows!After all that running around, I treated him to a Frosty Paws (peanut- butter flavored- yum!) from "Mudpuppy's" Cafe:

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