Sunday, June 21, 2009

Moss Beach and Pillar Point

Sunday we were in the Half Moon Bay area, in search of other Vizslas. There was a Bay Area Vizsla walk scheduled, but unfortunately we missed them- hopefully we can meet up next time! In any case, we had a great time walking around the beautiful reserve, starting at Moss Beach near the (dog-friendly) distillery and working our way along a gorgeous path with some impressive views, over to Pillar Point.

I was loving these flowers along the paths:Of course, there was time to make new friends, have a little fetch, chase, and Captain's favorite: digging beach sand!

Captain is becoming such a California boy, loving the beaches! I guess we don't mind taking him either... :-) Can't wait to keep the exploration going!


  1. What an awesome looking place. Zoe is very jealous :)

  2. Hey Captain, can I move into your house? Your humans take you to the most amazing places!


    P.S. you are a master digger!