Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Walking around with Captain, we get a lot of comments. So far, I think the best one we've gotten has been:
"OH my goodness, you're so cute I could just put mustard all over you and eat you up."
It was the mustard that really made the statement. :-)
The most common comment has been either: "That's a good looking dog" or "What kind of dog is that?"

Of course, it's always fun to run into other Vizsla owners, past or present. It sort of like a special group, this shared love for this special breed. When I went back to Boston this fall and was away from Captain for the first time, I spotted a little Vizsla puppy across the street and I really had to hold myself back from running across the street and hugging it. I pictured the owner looking at this random stranger cuddling her dog like a madwoman and showed some major restraint. But now I'm not so sure she'd have really cared... we're all part of the "Vizsla club" afterall, right?

So, what's your favorite comment you've gotten while walking around with your dog?


  1. Those are beautiful dogs. What kind are they?
    Vizsla? Are they active?

  2. MY GF was walking Kian one day and she was approached by a woman who said.
    "Oh your dog is so good looking, he looks like a regal aristocrat, is he a Vizsla"