Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Carmel getaway

We took an overnight trip to the nearby Carmel, about a 2-3hr drive from San Francisco. We'd heard rumors about how dog-friendly Carmel is, but I'd say it even exceeded our expectations- plenty of patios that welcome doggies and their dining parents, the vast off-leash beach, shops that actually want you to bring your pup in, and pet-friendly accommodations. We stayed at Quail Lodge, which, though not right in town, was really great (regardless of whether or not you have a dog!)

Check out the bed Captain got to sleep in:
They also greeted Captain with a new squeaky toy (a stuffed Quail, of course), a portable bowl, doggie dishes, and a list of recommended pup-friendly places. He got cozy very quickly.
Captain's favorite part of Carmel? The beach, of course!We also drove a little way down Highway 1 for some great views.Definitely a beautiful part of the world! Captain-approved :-)

An update: Since 2009, Quail Lodge has unfortunately closed. BUT, there are plenty of other dog-friendly options in Carmel. Check out Fido Factor for information!

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  1. Wow how awesome! what a great town- too bad it's about a 40 hour drive from Houston :(