Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vizsla videos and more

Just a quick update with some more Vizsla vids... this one from YouTube brought back memories of Captain's adventure with the squeaky chicken (luckily the pup below doesn't tear it apart as quickly as Captain did):

This one (no sound, but still cute) just made me laugh because it's good to know no matter what the age, Vizslas will always act just about the same:

And then, as I was browsing a new site my husband found (check out Red Bird Dog Blog) I was reminded of the Animal Planet Dog 101 video on Vizslas- which would make any V owner proud as they compliment our favorite dogs with terms like "regal" , "majestic", and "bred for royalty." As Red Bird Dog points out, it is a good video to watch for anyone interested in learning more about the breed. Although, I have to point out that I think the video's claims that V's don't shed and don't smell are a bit far fetched- for a dog, maybe, they don't smell too much, but come on now- they don't come back from the park smelling like a perfume shop, that's for sure! I'd also contend a bit with the "definitely not a city dog" statement- provided, that is, you can get out a lot and have easy access to fields, large parks, hiking, etc. But it is a good summary of the breed nonetheless. The key: EXERCISE! Oh, don't we know it!!

In other news, Captain went to Point Isabel this weekend - a great big off-leash dog park & beach, which, though not quite as pretty as Fort Funston, has more amenities (a doggie store complete with frosty paws and other treats!) and a great view of the city and GG bridge from across the bay. He made strides on his swimming, although unfortunately I didn't bring my camera! Tsk, tsk, I know. Next time.

I just read the comment from reader Amanda, who has compiled an amazing list of Vizsla blogs! Go Amanda! Check it out here. Totally great pic of the amazing flying Vizsla, too!


  1. Super cute video & thanks for the new vizsla blog link! I've compiled a list of V-bloggers on my blog for others to use as a resource.

  2. Great to have a list of all the blogs. Thanks Amanda for putting that together.

    Chloe, Bailey and I will be following Captain's adventures.

    Rod and Joanie Michaelson