Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ocean beach

My grand plans to head up the coastline this weekend somewhat fell through (they'll have to wait for another weekend!), but we did manage to take advantage of the sunny, warm weather by heading across town to Ocean Beach. The beach is just off the end of Golden Gate Park and stretches the length of the roughly 3 miles in between Cliff House and Fort Funston. It's nothing compared to the doggie wonderland that is Fort Funston, but it was fun to try out somewhere new! Captain and Taz enjoyed their usual beach activities, and our friend worked on luring Captain into the water.

Some of the usual sillyness:
Looking towards the Cliff House on the beach:
We also caught a glance at some classic cars that were meeting at the beach that just seemed sooo California...
Now there's a car Captain would love to ride in!

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